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Swiss raclette at home for raclette lovers

- Steps-


1. Book your raclette grill here


You have three packages:

  • Package 1 "grill rental": rent the grill for 8 people.

  • Package 2 "delicious Swiss cheese only (we suggest one 200g pack per person) Price: 15$ per pack

  • Package 3 "grill rental + cheese" : rent the grill for 8 people with the cheese.

2. Pick up: 

  • 147 Union street, 3056 Brunswick

  • See details here.

3. The deposit is $100. We will refund once the raclette machine is returned.

4. Return the machine (clean please!) the following day


(Pick up or drop off can be negotiated, but is normally after 5pm.)


- Price -

Package 1 "machine rental" :


1 day rental (24h)                $20

Weekend rental (48h)         $30



Package 3 "machine rental + cheese":

Add $15 for a pack of 200g of swiss raclette cheese. 

We recommend 200g per person (it represents 8 slices)

Check here our DEALS

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- Good to know -

Payment in cash (please have the exact money) or card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express).

Please e-mail us should you be running late.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us !

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