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Swiss fondue at home for fondue lovers

Want to enjoy a fantastic fondue at home? It's easy! Follow our 3 steps:

1. You need just 2 things:

a. Fondue equipment: 15$ for 24h rent

b. Swiss fondue: 15$ for 400g

2. Need help with the quantities? No problem!

a. New to fondue, you just want to try?: 400g will be enough for 2 people

b. Fondue connoisseur: 400g per person suggested

3. Enjoy the fondue!

Our fondue is pre mixed, you don't need to add anything to the cheese. You just have to decide what to dip in the pot. You want to be traditional? Add bread and potatoes. If you want to be fancy, add a pear or carrots or even some meat, actually you can add anything you want!


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