Swiss raclette at home for raclette lovers

Deal 1

The "I am really...really hungry" Deal

Order 2 kg of cheese (10 serves) 

1 day machine rental for free

Deal 2

The French wheel deal

To satisfy every customer and every taste, we decided to include also a French Raclette in our Stock.

Instead of our pre-sliced portions, IMPRESS your friends with a piece of our BIG and delicious wheel of cheese

  • Price: 65 $/Kg

Please let us know in advance if you wish to order a section of wheel, as it's not always available.

The Couple deal

Who said that Raclette is just for big parties?

If you want to enjoy a special meal with your better half, your brother or even by yourself, then this deal is for you!

Get the machine for 1 day and 2 portions of Swiss Cheese for only 30$

Deal 3

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